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Blog-Related Announcement. And, Philanthropic Tyranny (cf. Annie E. Casey...)

This is for the people wanting a change of dynamics in LACKAWANNA COUNTY particularly the Family Court Forum:  (reader warning:  this post will probably insult you; which should be taken as a sign of caring -- and hope that it may provoke some change, and help you put up a more targeted fight against the local corruption and systems in place to deprive you of time, life, liberty, property (what's left) and possibly contact with your children.

If that's already happened, and your anger about it is awake (alternative -- go numb and passive), let that anger drive some focus, and also charge up the brains as well -- you'll need them fully operational, to identify (quickly) dead-end approaches, and relationships with fools or time-wastes that could sabotage any mission.

(Go talk to a Marine if the terminology is unclear.  And start thinking in terms of making their and other armed forces sacrifices for something worthwhile -- our USA legal system, and justice protecting freedom.  No justice = no freedom.  Out-come based court proceedings =/= justice, and thats what you have presently.  CHANGE IT, or let that be your legacy to any offspring).

What follows is a "rant."  However, because I've got a lot of good information inside me, from years of these fights, plus awareness of which fights are distractions, it's still I think a good post.

I am active on a number of blogs, a forum or so, and also respond to on-line news articles relating to these topics.  I put a lot of effort into "getting the word out" -- and consider this a public service, while continuing to educate myself on the matters by continuing to research them.

I set up this blog at the specific request of a Scranton, Pennsylvania reform-minded parent, because -- as I'm told -- residents are simply not interested in the larger picture, they want it connected to their own county.  It also had to be really straightforward and simple (understandable -- considering my other blogs), aimed at a "third-grade" reading level.

I regret to inform you that that dog ain't gonna hunt.  And I am looking for a pack, at least, of skilled hunter-gatherers with a quarry in sight, and ready to move on it.

I have done enough groundwork (sorry it's not in powerpoints, outlines, and with enough graphics to make the point).   No one gets convinced of a truth by being spoonfed -- because it wasn't chewed up, eaten, and assimilated to produce some internal insight.

The truths -- when you see them -- are not too complex (they are frightening) -- but it takes work to get the point of seeing the simplicity of patterns.  And anyone who refuses to consider how statewide-nationwide affects Lackwanna-wide is not adult enough -- or ready yet -- to play in the game which is a CHALLENGING one.

There are also no rewards for passive, or unable to process at this time.

The blog will remain up, but I'm pretty much through with it, after this post. I'll be more ready to blog at the other ones this company has been made aware of.

The traffic here is pretty low and I have a feeling that some of it comes not from parents, but from the court personnel I'm reporting on.

Statcounter shows they are searching on a specific judge, by name (i.e., how people come to the site).  I've extended  // stretched my blogging skills to set up a comments & forum feature here, to assemble the links, and keep a post or two coming out.

From what I can see, many parents (how many is unclear) are still hanging out at the Scranton Political Times to watch the circus sideshow of Joe (and his multiple on-line persona) versus Joanne (for all I know -- ditto, though I tend to doubt it).  Occasionally this is redirected into badmouthing individual players in the court arena locally.

That forum is not stable because its owners are warring.  Posts and threads and comments are going up -- and down -- and up -- and down again.   I started a thread called GAL schematics using information any one of these parents could've also grabbed from on-line and posted themselves (the 54 page powerpoint showing how the Auto-GAL situation was set up).

It appears that Mr. Pilchesky, in addition to his exposing corruption locally in this manner (and I admit that he has) and supporting his romantic partner in court hearings, castigating people who screw up the case (whether judge or attorney) and so forth -- is intending to use some of this buzz and publicity to write a book as well.

I know some people are following the overall material (from private messages).

This is for the people wanting a change of dynamics in LACKAWANNA COUNTY particularly the Family Court Forum:

  • The personnel who set up Unified Courts, change the justice system into dispensing parenting classes and other therapy, and have been extorting you for so long -- are doing so with reasoning that is about the level of a third-grader mentality (which that GAL presentation shows).

  • They are not independent thinkers but smart enough to follow their own who simply repeat the same material over and over again in very slightly different forms with perhaps a degree thrown in for effect.

  • They are experts at forming nonprofit front groups to make themselves look more "right" and bigger than they are.  This is done in the animal kingdom through hair or feathers to frighten of competitors or enemies.

The desire to want an outsider (me) to set up something that is ONLY local to Lackawanna is stupid, and shows a mentality of - about the level you are being characterized and treated as, by people who aren't much smarter than you.

They just have the right moves down through years of practices and excellent coaches with a proven system:

Get a judge in place.  Unify the court system.  Order cronies into place (by judicial order as in the case of Harhut).  This crew begins "practicing" something.  Then someone else has to point to the practices (as if not related to them) and suggests -- why not set a standardized MODEL of PROMISING PRACTICES (or similar name).  Point to some  other state where AFCC has managed to pull this off already and suggest THIS state should go along.

Eventually, even a state governor's objections can be overcome (cf. Parenting Coordination in Florida).  They are simply relentless, and will bore you to death in a minute if you attempt to engage in genuine dialogue -- or (as we say in the case of Judge Moyle herding up her "parishioners" who happened to stray into church when mass as not being conducted, using the sheriffs (see above, pardon my sarcasm)  retaliate and intimidate.

None of this is done at their expense -- which is part of the beauty of the plan. Someone else pays coming and going, if only in the form of a tax break to one of multiple nonprofits formed for the same purpose.

A "Where's Waldo?" quiz:  In this post, there's going to show this statement:

IIn communities and at the state level around the country, advocates, practitioners, their allies, fathers, and families work every day to improve outcomes for children through greater father involvement
Questions:    Who said that and when?  What gender is missing from the subject of the second sentence -- and does that gender not contribute anything to "improving outcomes for children?"  If this gender does, then why not mention it?   On what basis (population?  nope). Does one gender count for more than the other in life and in raising children?  

Does greater father involvement unilaterally mean improved outcomes for children just because certain people assert it does?

Why did whoever said this lead off with the word "Practitioner?" 

Since every "practitioner" (Taxidermists, phlebotomists,lobotomists,psychologists (hey -- those last 2 have been closer in the 1900s than one might wish to admit), chefs, early childhood development scholars, medical doctors ("general practitioner" is a "G.P." right?), etc -- needs a live (or dead) body to practice on -- where are these practitioners getting their (FYI, it's warm-blooded) human beings to practice on?  A hint from the same document:

Most fatherhood practitioners realize that they must actively recruit fathers to connect them to services for which they are eligible. 
"Fatherhood practitioners recognize that many fathers, especially low-income fathers, are unaware of services available to them. In other cases, fathers are aware of services but reluctant to take advantage of them."   
Thinly veiled secret -- women can be fatherhood practitioners also, meaning that women who wish to practice uninterrupted Motherhood literally have to take on a system supported both financially and in "practice" by both genders.   Confused yet?  Don't need to be.  Just find out where the people & programs you are dealing with stand on the matter.

Hint:  Since 1995, thanks to President Clinton (among other things), that's nearly every government agency-- INCLUDING the "Office of Violence Against Women" (OVAW).  They give plenty of grants to "family" organizations that run fatherhood programs.  Expensive ones....

I am not doing this for personal amusement -- only with the intent to make a genuine difference, which requires finding people who can see larger than their own backyard, and recognize -- as your adversaries have -- that it's in their best interests to hook up with people who have a handle on the situation, and a plan to do something about it.

I've received plenty of glorious thanks yous from time to time, and some indicators that some of the information has begun to sink in.   I know that others had encountered also some of the information (from, etc.) before I got there -- but it was not being put out consistently, and was not translating into an action plan.

The other day I put up a comment soliciting people to contribute a post here, stating I'd of course be linking back to the Scranton Forum, and so forth -- but that a blog differs from a forum; what do you want to say?  How do you want to say it?

I don[t know the true readership (identified in flesh and blood terms), probably the only people who do are the two administrators.  Of that readership, it's unknown how many are parents with gag orders or sealed court cases, and how many are couch potatoes without a social life, but like to have their intellect tickled.

You are lucky to have someone assemble even the links on this blog, which are still there.   However I'm probably going to abandon this one, he concept of driving traffic to it my highest traffic blog is the least readable one (a wordpress blog).  I will be posting more over  -- perhaps -- at The Family Court Franchise System blog.  

Readers are leaders.  Social media -- twitter, dig it, linkedIn, Facebook, etc. -- have purposes.  NO, I haven't mastered them, but we can see that those who do are running things.  Look at this list of links from President Obama's re-election campaign:

It's got Facebook and Twitter buttons at the top, and these at the bottom -- is that enough ways to publicize information?    Ya think?

That's called DISTRIBUTION and CONNECTION.  They don't have to say the same thing 100 times to get it repeated -- verbatim -- 100 times.  This is simply business.  They also know that this is more about publicity than real dialogue, and use platforms well.  We know that ain't free.  (see "SuperPAC")

You need to figure out, for example, why at almost every event involving FAMILY or Child policy in the United States, someone from the Casey Family or one of its foundations -- is a principal player.

Below is more, but look at this pdf -- and its opening statements:

40+ Top Fatherhood Resources (2011)

What this document is and isn’t.
The field of Responsible Fatherhood has grown in important and influential ways since the 1980s. In communities and at the state level around the country, advocates, practitioners, their allies, fathers, and families work every day to improve outcomes for children through greater father involvement. The Annie E. Casey Foundation has been a consistent supporter of the field because Foundation administrators and the Board of Trustees believe both fathers and mothers are central to the achievement of the Foundation’s mission to improve the lives of struggling children and families.
(Prepared for the Annie E. Casey Foundation by JustPartners, Inc.

May, 2011)

Improving outcomes for children makes it OK to dismantle normal due process and short-circuit the local state legislature/state residents relationships, I guess?

Anyone who is "improving outcomes" is either baking a cake, or running an experiment.  Children are not for experimenting on -- nor families.  Go fly a kite!  Go jump in a lake!

The history of the Casey Family Wealth (which comes from UPS) starts with a young man, Jim Casey, and his messenger service, started precisely BECAUSE he was fatherless.  He also had no children, and became astoundingly wealthy (more below).  They have been overcompensating ever since, and are obsessed with chidlren and families -- having forgotten US History and the Bill of Rights along the way, in pursuit of desired "outcomes."

it cites the "big three" resources -- so readers might as well get it here:

  • 1. The National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC)
    supports the efforts of the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to assist States and
    communities to promote and support Responsible Fatherhood and Healthy Marriage. Primarily a
    resource for professionals operating Responsible Fatherhood programs, the NRFC provides access to
    print and electronic publications, timely information on fatherhood issues, and targeted resources that
    support HHS-funded Responsible Fatherhood and Healthy Marriage initiatives. It provides resources and
    references to enhance current and future research at
    research/research/information-centers. Research and data include information from Child Trends,
    Institute for Research on Poverty, Joint Center for Poverty Research, National Child Support
    Enforcement Association, National Fatherhood Initiative, and the Urban Institute. The NRFC web site
    also provides essential information for other audiences interested in fatherhood issues.

  • 2. The National Center for Fathering provides practical, research-based training
    and resources that equip men in virtually every fathering situation to be involved fathers. It posts recent
    and key research, offers seminars, small group trainings, train-the-trainer workshops, selected
    programming, and a wealth of user-friendly free resources for dads (organized by child’s age and father
    circumstance). For practitioners and fathers alike.

  • 3. National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) works in every sector and at every
    level of society to engage fathers in the lives of their children. Since 2004, through its resource center,
    FatherSOURCE, NFI has distributed over 5.7 million resources, and has trained over 7,400 practitioners
    on how to deliver programming to dads. NFI is also a leading producer of research on the causes and
    consequences of father absence, anchored by its research publication, Father Facts. NFI’s website offers
    research and evaluation data, free and fee-based information and products, a free email service called
    Dad E-mailTM, tools and resources for supporting fathers in diverse settings, media resources, and a
    membership club called “The Dads Club.” For practitioners and fathers alike.

Here's another of their publications which should be scanned through -- they acknowledge support of Supervised Visitation Centers (court-ordered) and cite the CHildren's Rights Council as a provider.  

co. 2005 by Annie E. Casey Foundation, it's called 


Part of a Series from the Technical Assistance Resource Center of the Annie E. Casey Foundation

Supervised Visitation

Visitation centers provide space for court-ordered supervised visitation and eliminate the need for interaction between custodial and noncustodial par- ents. In many centers, staff members accompany children to see their noncustodial parents in rooms filled with age-appropriate activities. The Children’s Rights Council (CRC) operates more than 20 such programs in various parts of the country. These centers are referred to as Child Access Transfer Centers. The CRC staff believe the availability of these centers reduces family violence between never-married, separated, and divorced parents.

About Us
Casey Family Programs is the nation’s largest operating foundation focused entirely on foster care and improving the child welfare system. Founded in 1966, we work to provide and improve ─ and ultimately prevent the need for ─ foster care in the United States. As champions for change, we are committed to our 2020 Strategy for America’s Children – a goal to safely reduce the number of children in foster care and improve the lives of those who remain in care.
Since our founding in 1966, we have invested more than $1.6 billion in programs and services to benefit children and families in the child welfare system. Over the next decade, we will invest at least $1 billion more to fulfill the promise of our 2020 Strategy.
We have decades of front-line experience in foster care and are committed to helping states, counties and tribes implement effective child welfare practices. We provide nonpartisan research and technical expertise to child welfare system leaders, members of Congress and state legislators so they may craft laws and policies to better the lives of children in foster care, children at risk of entering the system and their families. The foundation, established by United Parcel Service founder Jim Casey, is based in Seattle.

And to figure out that the people running things now (meaning, the FAMILIES) built up their wealth in earlier days, and drove government from the driver's seat downward.  They have a firm business sense and a firm concept of how the USA should be run, according to their PERSONAL belief sets.   

For example, Jim Casey -- founder of UPS, and (with other family members), Casey Family Programs and Annie E. Casey Foundations) -- had a father die.  He credits his mother (Annie E.) with holding it together.

Accordingly, Annie E. Casey is one of T _ H _ E   largest pushers of marriage and fatherhood programming around.  This is typical -- leaders who lost their Daddies and became resoundingly successfully without them anyhow. . . . .Barack Obama, Ronald Mincy come to mind among the current fatherhood proponents, there are plenty of others, and they want the world to be changed according to their sense of father-loss.   My opinion?  Those who miss their Daddies so bad should become Catholics -- you have  a "Father" figure in Rome/The Vatican.  Look at Jesus -- where was HIS earthly Daddy role model, during much of his ministry?  If he existed (I say, he did), would you call him a failure?

Guess who DID call Jesus a failure -- because he didn't marry and reproduce?   (The Rev.) Sun Myung Moon, as in Unification Church, and with his wife "Mother" -- "True Parents to the World."  These two have been crowned (in a mock ceremony) in 2004? in a U.S. Senate Building.  The U.S. does not grant titles of nobility and shouldn't be crowning the likes of this -- but they did , Senator Danny K. Davis of IL in the forefront.  Who also is pushing "marriage/fatherhood."

THAT is where this is coming from in good part.  I'm sorry it didn't originate in Lackawanna, but the fact is -- look at the Children's Rights Council (it's an organization, OK?) history page -- and you can see this.  Be a bit of a detective. I happen to be right about that.  

"One measure of your success will be the degree to which you build up others who work with you. While building up others, you will build up yourself."-Jim Casey
Jim CaseyJim Casey, founder of United Parcel Service (UPS), revolutionized package delivery around the world. A teenager when he started his own delivery company, Mr. Casey left three legacies by the end of his life: UPS, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and Casey Family Programs. He always remembered that he had not done it alone.

He consistently gave credit to his mother, Annie E. Casey, for holding their family together after Jim's father died. As a youngster delivering packages on the Seattle streets, Jim Casey was exposed to the excesses of a bustling city in the midst of the Klondike gold rush. It was the guidance of a strong mother and support of his family that kept him grounded.

The successful businessman sought ways to help those who lacked the family life he knew to be so crucial. With his brothers George and Harry and his sister Marguerite, Mr. Casey created Casey Family Programs in 1966 to help children who were unable to live with their birth parents-giving them stability and an opportunity to grow to responsible adulthood.

 LOOK AT THEIR PARTNERSHIPS -- this is a LONG list and includes Chapin Hall (I believe in Chicago) which as I recall Danielle Ross's "Council on Contemporary Families" has some connections to.

This is only the list of partners of ONE of the Casey's legacies -- Casey Family Programs (the red is an active link)....

National Partnerships
Casey Family Programs' national partners

Here is a small slice of those beginning with the word "National" only:

<><><><><>Do you THINK this might be having any influence in your current situations, based on policies set that specifically counter the concept that a single parent could successfully raise a child -- but in practice, if that single parent starts out female, and Dad protests, he is in line for some fatherhood programming; she can go be put on supervised visitation and bankrupted if she doesn't disagree.

Alternately the children can be stolen by the state and farmed out to foster care, or quickly adopted.  this doesn't require a real showing of incompetence by any parent -- people can quickly become "incompetent" when such basic rights are threatened, or their children are in serious danger, including of abandonment by a parent who wanted control of them for the wrong reasons.

Start looking at who is leading some of these foundations.  From Casey Family Programs Board of Trustess (look 'em up, lots of members), here's a woman with some Pennsylvania ties:

Sharon L. McDaniel
Sharon L. McDaniel, Treasurer
Sharon McDaniel was appointed to the Board of Trustees of Casey Family Programs in 2005. She is the founder, president and CEO of A Second Chance, Inc., a Pennsylvania-based nonprofit that serves children in kinship care. Throughout her career, she has worked to improve opportunities for children in foster care. Before founding A Second Chance, she was a child protective services caseworker, a permanency services administrator and a director of adoption services. She also is an alumna of foster care and currently a kinship caregiver.


The primary mission of the Foundation is to foster public policies, human-service reforms, and community supports that more effectively meet the needs of today’s vulnerable children and families. In pursuit of this goal, the Foundation makes grants that help states, cities and neighborhoods fashion more innovative, cost-effective responses to these needs. For a brief overview of our work, we offer a 2-page fact sheet.

"OH -- this isn't in Lackawanna County, PA?  Then I don't need to know about it -- we want ANSWERS!  What happened to the courts?  I want my kid back -- why won't the court understand that there's been abuse, my child is at serious risk in the care of this man?  (I'm saying "man" because the programs are labeled Fatherhood and Marriage.  Motherhood -- without another husband in the home -- doesn't count.  Even though it apparently worked all right with the original Casey Family...."

Sure you don't -- go do battle with some unknowns, charge a windmill.  And here's a $2.7 billion answer why why Annie E. Casey is totally "irrelevant" (yeah, sure) to Lackawanna County -- which is run by corrupt politicians -- that's the real problem:

The Annie E. Casey Foundation is one of the largest private foundations in the nation, with total assets (fair market value) at the end of 2010 at more than $2.7 billion.

The Foundation provides about $122 million in grants each year and is ranked among the top philan- thropies for charitable giving. The Foundation’s primary mission is to foster public policies, human services,
and community supports that more effectively meet the needs of vulnerable children and families.

Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, the Annie E. Casey Foundation has been working to promote the well-being of our nation’s most vulnerable children for more than 60 years. Established in 1948 by UPS co-founder Jim Casey and his siblings in honor of their mother, the Foundation’s first grants supported a camp for disadvantaged children near the Casey family home in Seattle.

Later, Jim Casey steered the Foundation’s efforts toward finding more stable, permanent homes for children—reflecting his belief that the future chances of kids depend largely on what their parents and families are able to provide emotionally and financially.

An abusive family is better than a nonabusive single parent.  However, if there is going to be a single parent, it needs to be the father, if the mother wishes to separate from abuse, and redefine "family" as not having a male figurehead -- or a nonbiological father male figurehead.  Alternately, the state could (for more money) yank the kids into foster care and get them adopted out, which essentially says that if the STATE puts children into homes with no biologically related father, that's OK.

In pursuit of that goal, Jim Casey established programs throughout New England that later became Casey Family Services. Operating today as the Foundation’s direct services agency, Casey Family Services works directly with families and child welfare professionals
to ensure that every child has a safe, nurturing, and permanent family. The agency has divisions in Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Casey Family Programs has the Northwest (and the nation) covered.  ANnie E. Casey has the Northeast (and the nation) covered.   

Jim Casey's father died, and he had no children.  He had his mother and his siblings:  Look at the timeline:


The Annie E. Casey Foundation was established in 1948 by Jim Casey and his siblings George, Harry, and Marguerite. They named the philanthropy in honor of their mother, who had struggled to raise them as a young widow. But the Foundation’s history really starts back in 1907, when Jim Casey began a messenger service in Seattle, Washington to help his family make ends meet. That small family business became the global, multi-billion dollar UPS.
He did a business -- before World War I & II, before the Income Tax, before the formation of the Federal Reserve Board, and etc.   He learned how to run a business as a young man and became extraordinarily successful without even a resident father (we don't see here at what age his father died, but he was apparently what we'd now call a minor?) -- and without children.

Therefore the "obvious" solution is to make sure - based on his success -- that all children have fathers and their parents if separated, will be trained to obtain low-income JOBS ( not run businesses) and pay up to the state, who will then train them how to be fathers (recalling that Jim never had the experience of being a father himself -- but as to policies, to make a real man of someone, if he's sired kids, he has to be taught how to  -- be a real man.  At public expense....)

On the other hand -- NO ONE, generally speaking, should be taught much about private or family foundations, and how to run one's live to minimize taxes and write-offs, or the difference between being an employee, running a business, or buying and selling businesses -- such as this organization knows quite a bit about.

I'm missing the logic in this:

View our interactive timeline!

Jim Casey had no children, and by 1948 he had amassed wealth beyond his personal needs. In that year, he and his siblings began the charitable foundation named for their mother, reflecting Jim’s belief that the future chances of kids depends largely on what their parents -- their families -- are able to provide emotionally, ethically, and materially.
For about 20 years, the Casey Foundation was a small operation primarily funding a camp for disadvantaged children in Seattle. 



I began finding out about these programs only too late for my own children (then half-grown or more anyhow) -- but decades+ after they were set up.

FYI -- I was raised by a father who --while he didn't found UPS -- did support his family of origin as a youth -- because his father was a "beater" and apparently a drunk also, taking advantage of a recent immigrant.  This man (who I never saw face to face, and was never talked about, almost, in our family home) -- apparently abandoned his own family, leaving my teenaged father to step up into some big shoes.

Step up he did, and worked a stable employment life without his abusive father in the home, raised children, and being very diligent and smart (although not smart enough to start a business rather than work a job) -- created substantially and positively to society in ways I can't relate without basically signing my identity to this post.   We did not have close intergenerational connections whatsoever, but all of us were cared for growing up, all of us completed college, and from what I can tell, all of us maintained stable employment throughout our lifetimes until one of us (me) married a "beater."   

At the time my father (younger than Jim Casey ) and Mr. Casey with his widowed mother Annie E. Casey, were young men -- women were still fighting for the vote.  World War I was changing the world, many things were changing. . . . . . . . The world has become smaller, "flatter" and information moves faster.  Technology has changed, obviously.  Tax laws changed considerably, and with rights for women (including certain rights that enabled them to leave battering relationships and marriages) divorce laws also changed.

This foundation is attempting to change life back to a perceived idealistic time in which the family was the womb, but instead of practicing on the family he never had, apparently Jim Casey and successors decided "all the worlds' MY stage" and set about writing the script.

That is unacceptable.  The script needs to be returned to the original -- which is the US Constitution, and not centralized, fascist, and federalized control, with corporate wealth (whether directly or through tax-exempt private or public foundations) running the government.   

That is a dictatorship, no matter how "benevolent" it claims itself to be.  

By short-circuiting the people at the table that ought to be at the table, in these programs, the feedback loop built into the US Constitution through dealing with elected representatives, is cut (INTENTIONALLY), and the message that these programs which idolize the "Family" are in effect destroying existing families -- bankrupting some of them by trying to force them into an old mold in a new century -- a new millenniums for that matters -- 

it's the forms that count as much as the content, whether we are talking about flow of information, flow of water, flow of money, or flow of family theory into the courthouses.  The end does NOT justify the means.   

To quote Mr. Pilchesky:    "Justice doesn't have to be fair - it just has to be justice."

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